Coronavirus Update

Dear Members,

As the Government has announced additional steps to delay the spread of Coronavirus, it has become clear that further measures will be taken in a phased approach to protect the vulnerable and elderly.

Whilst we recognise the Government’s plan to delay the epidemic peak, it is our assessment that the well-being and safety of our Members, Volunteers and Lecturers, many of whom fall within the high-risk category, will benefit from us taking active measures to reduce non-essential activity before the pandemic peaks.
We therefore regret to inform you that our lectures in April, May, June, July and September will be cancelled.

We are making great efforts to collect email addresses for all our members. To date we only have them for half of you so please email yours to Mike Lacey:

We will make every attempt to inform you when our future programme will recommence. Do book our two outside visits in July and September – you will be refunded if they are cancelled.

If we don’t have your email address we will phone you and if necessary you can contact me: 01482 634784.

These are extraordinary times and we thank you for your support and understanding as we take these measures for the well-being of members, volunteers, lecturers and staff.

Our thoughts are with everyone during these challenging times.

Margaret Lawrenson
Chair, Hull and East Riding Arts Society